Apex Agreement Definition


When the customer exchanges options, the customer agrees to be bound by the terms of the customer option agreement. The customer understands that you have copies of these agreements and that they will be added by reference, if any. The terms of these other agreements apply in addition to the provisions of this Agreement and all other written agreements between you and the Client. The client assures that the client has entered into a separate agreement directly with the advisor (“advice agreement”) authorizing Advisor to manage the account, including the execution of trades, the appointment of sub-advisors, the deposit or withdrawal of funds on and from the account, the request for information, the receipt of statements and confirmations, the modification of some of my information and the general management of the account. The client understands that Advisor has reached an agreement with Apex that Apex is willing to provide access to Advisor for Advisor to manage accounts for Advisor clients who open brokerage accounts at Apex to enable Advisor to manage them. The client authorizes Advisor to establish relationships with Apex and to appoint and use other sub-agents at the advisor`s discretion. If Advisor appoints a sub-agent to the account, Apex has the right to rely on all of that sub-agent`s instructions and execute them as if they had been given directly by Advisor. The decision on whether or not to negotiate an MECA is first made by a vote of the union members. All union members covered by the safeguard clause in the collective agreement have the opportunity to participate in the vote. Each group of workers employed by an employer decides whether their employer should be included in the MECA. As soon as this is completed, the Union will enter into negotiations with employers for whom workers voted for inclusion in the MECA. When the client chooses to participate in one of Apex`s FDIC or monetary scanning programs, the customer recognizes and accepts that: a) the customer reads and understands the conditions and/or prospectuses available on www.apexclearing.com/disclosures/ and knows the products available in these scanning programs; (b) You may modify your FDIC and/or money market scanning programs and products at any time, at your discretion, with or without customer`s advice; (c) free credits to the customer`s account may be included in the scanning program when opening the account; and (d) you are not required to monitor the scanning program chosen on behalf of the client or to make recommendations or changes to the scanning program that could be beneficial to the client.

Whenever Apex deems it necessary to protect Apex, consultants or customers or, if not, not limited to: (i) a breach of this contract by the client or an agreement with Apex or Advisor, or (ii) the customer`s non-payment of assets purchased or sold, Apex may cancel or subscribe any order in the process of buying or selling assets and/or purchasing assets necessary for delivery against a sale, including a short sale made for the customer, without notice or request for a security deposit, other notice of sale or purchase. , or other communications or advertisements, each of which is expressly abandoned by the customer, and/or Apex may require the customer to deposit appropriate cash or guarantees into the account before a settlement date to ensure the performance or payment of open contractual obligations and/or unsettled transactions. Apex has the right to refuse transactions for clients or consultants at any time and for any reason.

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