Els Agreement


This payment cycle will continue for the duration of your contract. These amendments also apply to ELS agreement holders whose agreements were concluded on February 1, 2007 or more. Please note, however, that your first payment, depending on the start of your agreement, may not take place until the following calendar year (see table below). The RPP will visit a percentage of the agreements each year to assess compliance with the system`s requirements. If your agreement is selected for inspection, you must assist the inspector in his work. For more details, see section 1.6.7. More information on the start dates of the contract and the date of the payments We hope that you will be able to easily implement the options and management required by your agreement. However, you may need to change the selection or location of your management options. Subject to the Natural England agreement, an amendment may be made to certain parts of your consent in such a situation. ELS is a “fully agricultural programme” open to all farmers and land managers in England. It is not competitive; If you agree to provide enough management options on your eligible land and meet all the requirements of the system, an agreement will be automatically guaranteed.

Depending on the level of management proposed for the acquired land, one of the following options is available to you. If you buy z.B new country, you can update your ELS contract to ELS/HLS. A Natural England advisor can tell you about individual circumstances and suggest the best solution for your needs: if you are transferring part of your contract land, you should contact Natural England to ask us to send you a land transfer and amendment form (ERDP/LTA1). You must then complete the form no later than 3 months after the rental price, the completion date of the sale or the actual delivery date and return it to change your contract. Natural England can only make transfers on an ELS start date, i.e. first one month. The transfer of land in an existing agreement is made on the first of the month following the actual date of sale, lease or transfer. If the transferred country is the result of another agreement, it is transferred from this agreement on the last day of the previous month. If z.B. the actual date of the sale, lease or transfer is March 15, Natural England will start on April 1 with the new or amended agreement and, if applicable, will transfer the country from the original agreement on March 31.

Use these documents to meet the requirements of An Entry Level Support (ELS), Organic ELS, Uplands ELS or Higher Level Stewardship. Use forms and instructions to manage your ES agreement.

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