Gas and Lng Sales and Transportation Agreements 5Th Ed


Section 1 Part A – General Principles for the Sale and Transport of Gas and LNG 1. The nature of gas and LNG 2. Structuring of the project 3. The contractual process 4. Regulatory issues 5. Contractual forms 6. The parties; Part D – Provisions relating to carriage by ship gnl 28. Structures and principles of maritime transport 29. Charters parts 30. Calendar 31. Interfaces between charters and SPAs Section 2 Annex A – Pro forma Memorandum of Understanding on Sale/Transport Annex B – Contractual Conditions for the Sale of Gas/LNG Pro Forma Annex C – Pro forma Gas/LNG Transport A practical and comprehensive guide to the legislation and practice of structuring gas and LNG sales and transport projects, based on the author`s extensive experience. The discussion will be complemented by three previous agreements and a number of other examples of clauses illustrating the practical mechanisms of compiling the agreement, which will also be available on CD for electronic access.

Presents a detailed and practical guide on the design, negotiation and interpretation of contracts for the trade, shipping and transport of natural gas and LNG Highlights the legal and commercial issues at stake at each stage and gives advice on how they should be treated in practice Provides clause-by-clause comments on the typical provisions of gas and LNG contracts, Of sales, shipping and transport Identifies the main problems and proposes solutions to the problems that may arise Discuss the nature of gas and LNG and the conventional process Offers a discussion on the marketing of natural gas in light of concerns about climate change, clean energy sources and security of energy supply Written from the perspective of English law, but in the light of international experience and practice. A practical and comprehensive guide to the law and practice of structuring gas and LNG sales and transport projects, based on the author`s extensive experience. The discussion will be complemented by three precedent-setting agreements and a number of other examples of clauses demonstrating the practical mechanisms of compiling the agreement, which will also be available on CD for electronic access. Provides detailed advice to anyone involved in the design, negotiation or interpretation of natural gas trading and transmission contracts. It identifies the legal and economic issues involved at each stage and gives advice on how they should be dealt with in the contract. Part C – Provisions relating to the transport of gas pipelines 21. Structures and principles of gas pipelines 22. Mixing, distribution and distribution 23. Conditions of the gas pipeline project 24. Quantities and capacities 25. Rate 26.

Appointments 27. Take over, overtake K. Talus; “Apples and oranges? Two recent books on natural gas and LNG: Peter Roberts, Gas and LNG sales and transportation agreements: Principles and Practice, 5th edition (Sweet & Maxwell 2017) and Paul Griffin (eds.), Liquefied Natural Gas – The Law and Business of LNG, 3rd edition (Globe Law and Business 2017) » OGEL 4 (2017), URL: Fill out the registration form and answer a few simple questions, to receive a quote. Access to OGEL journal articles (a total of more than 3000 articles for premium account holders) Membership in OGELFORUM (living discussion platform that brings together the international oil, gas and energy community) Part E – General Administrative Regulation 32. Invoicing, payment 33. Force majeure 34. Liability, Limitation 35. Transfers 36. Termination 37. Dispute Resolution 38. Other Terms Using ProView means you can connect and interact with the content you rely on in new ways, wherever and whenever you want.

Learn more about ProView. Buy this title as an eBook to start reading today: Westlaw UK`s smart navigation, links to primary law combined with the expertise of our book portfolio that gives you a seamless, consistent and integrated search experience whenever you need to relate to the text. Submit This service is protected by reCAPTCHA and Google`s privacy policy and terms of service apply. Part B – General Business Principles 7. Term 8. Place of delivery, delivery 9. Quantities, tariffs, reserves 10. Price 11. Price evaluation 12. Collateral support 13. Take or pay, take and pay 14.

Compensate, postpone 15. Seller`s delivery error 16. Quality specification 17. Non-specification 18. Measure 19. Facilities 20. Maintenance Alongside the development of specialist knowledge, the academic and technical literature in this field continues to grow. Among other books in the region, two new books on various aspects of LNG have been published in recent months. This book review provides an overview and some notes on these two books. Thomson Reuters ProView™ is the iPad app designed specifically for lawyers like you.

;autoplay=0 » width=”640″ height=”360″>Dance Out Bullying, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on reaching from the middle to the top. Sorry, but no results were found for the requested archive. Maybe the search will help you find a related article. This title is also available on Westlaw UK, so you can access it anywhere and anytime. Online access to the books you trust on Westlaw UK can add a whole new dimension to the way you work with the reviews and guides you`ll find in the wide range of our titles. . Access to legal and regulatory data (more than 10,000 documents) Summary of the three achievements of the Volusia County School Emcee speaks to students. SECTION I PART A: GENERAL PRINCIPLES1. The nature of gas and LNG2. Structuring of the project3. The contractual process4.

Regulatory issues5. Price6. Price evaluation7. Collateral supportPART B: SALES OF GAS AND LNG8. Contract forms9. Parties10. Duration11. The delivery point, Delivery12. Quantities, rates, reserves13. Appointments, calendar14.

Loss of earnings 15. Take over, overtake16. Take and pay, take or pay.17 Make-up, report PART C: TRANSPORT OF GAS18. Pipeline Principles.19 Parties20. Term21. The point of entry, the transfer point22. Quantities, capacities23. Obligations of freight forwarders and shippers24. Failure of the van and the shipper25. Rate, capacity payment, shipping or Pay26.

Mixing, allocation, allocationPART D: LNG TRANSPORT27. Shipment of LNG28. Charter Party and SPA InterfacePART E: COMMON COMPONENTS29. Invoicing, payment 30. Quality specifications31. Off-specification gas and LNG32. Measure33. Equipment34. Maintenance35. Force majeure36.

Liability, Limitation37. Transfers, third-party performance, control38. Termination39. Dispute Settlement40. Miscellaneous ProvisionsSECTION IIAnnex A – Memorandum of Understanding on Proforma Gas SalesAppendix B – Proforma Gas Sales ContractAppendix C – Memorandum of Understanding on the Transportation of Proforma GasAnnex D – Proforma Gas Transmission AgreementAppendix E – Additional Wording Peter RobertsPeter Roberts is an energy law practitioner with two decades of experience in the trade and regulation of oil and gas projects. A lawyer by training in England and also admitted as a lawyer in Hong Kong, he was an in-house lawyer for Exxon for several years. He has been a partner in UK and US law firms and was previously General Counsel of Centrica Energy. .

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