Infrastructure Services Agreement


If you sign multiple service commands for an existing deployment, i.e. to increase network capacity or expand a system project, the last signed service order takes control of the overall supply. Service contracts can be amended by both parties by a written agreement. You are invited to sign a service contract outlining the selected services and products and associated costs. The order of service includes the primary services agreement and the service level agreement. The order of service may also include an addition to the primary service agreement. If we use the term “agreement” in one of these documents, we refer to all the documents as a whole. The agreement takes effect from the date you sign the service contract prepared by Lightcrest. In the event of a breach of the Service Level Agreement, Lightcrest`s liability for all damages is strictly limited to forfeiture of the remaining amount of the existing service contract or one month`s service charge if no service contract is in effect.

In addition, lightcrest does not guarantee the loss of customer data, nor the loss of customer revenue related to the breach of the service level agreement or any other adverse event relating to additional services or services, in accordance with Section 4 and Section 17. Under no legal theory (including breach of contract, unlawful act, strict liability, violation), Lightcrest`s monetary liability cannot exceed the aforementioned restriction. Both parties agree that the staff and staff of each party represent a significant investment in recruitment, training and operations. Therefore, both parties agree that, for the duration of the contract and for a period of one (1) year after termination for any reason (“non-solicitation period”), neither party, directly or indirectly, without express written authorization, would have been a job, hiring, undertaking or other discussion regarding the employment of a person or the use of the services of a person who , during the period of non-solicitation, would have been a collaborator of the other party, directly or indirectly. Nor does each party induce a person who would have been a collaborator, representative, advisor or client of the other party during the non-solicitation period to terminate his or her relationship with the other party. Managed Infrastructure Service refers to managed infrastructure services described in a service order and service level contract, as well as support. If the contract is terminated, you must immediately release all Internet protocol sub-networks assigned to you in connection with the network segment assigned to you for your service. You do not buy ownership shares in the infrastructure we provide, all servers, systems and network infrastructure are owned by Lightcrest. You must pay the fee for the services listed in the service order contracts or other agreements between us. You must provide Lightcrest with accurate information so that Lightcrest can determine the taxes due for the provision of services.

You must encrypt all PSIs transferred to Lightcrest`s infrastructure or Lightcrest infrastructure, including PSIs stored on servers and storage devices. You must comply with the laws applicable to your use of the services. You must work with Lightcrest to investigate security issues, alleged breaches of the agreement or service outages. The agreement is the exclusive and comprehensive agreement between you and Lightcrest regarding its purpose and replaces and replaces all previous agreements. PRIMARY SERVICES AGREEMENT between Lightcrest (“us” or “Lightcrest”) and the customer who signs our service contract (“you” or “customer”). The initial period begins on the start date of the service and continues for the period specified in the order of service. After the initial term expires, Lightcrest may offer you the option to extend the contract for an additional period of time. If you do not renew the contract, it will automatically be renewed for three (3) months each, unless one of us shares the non-renewal at least ninety (90) days before the expiry of the initial extension period or in court

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