This Agreement Shall Enter Into Force On


The instruments of ratification shall be deposited with the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. 1. Nationals legally residing in the territory of a Contracting Party shall be exempted, under the conditions laid down in this Agreement and subject to reciprocity, from the obligation to obtain entry or exit visas into the territory of another Party at a border, provided that, for the purposes of this Agreement, the “territory” of a Contracting Party has the importance it has of that Party in a Party to the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe. 2Nd Contracting Party reserves the right to prohibit entry or stay in its territory to any person it deems undesirable. To the extent that one or more parties deem it necessary, the limit may be exceeded only in authorised places. Done at Strasbourg, this 20th day of April 1959, in English and French, both texts being equally authentic, in a single inscription deposited in the archives of the Council of Europe. The Secretary-General shall transmit certified copies to the signatory Governments. 1. The Convention shall enter into force one month after the date on which three members of the Council have signed or ratified the Convention in accordance with Article 8, without reservation as to ratification. 1.

Each Party reserves the right, on grounds of public policy, public security or public health, to delay the entry into force of this Agreement or to order the temporary suspension of this Agreement for all or part of the other Contracting Parties, unless Article 5 concerns Article 5. The Secretary General of the Council of Europe shall be informed without delay if such a measure is taken and when it enters into force. In that case, the signatories duly authorized for that purpose have signed this Agreement. 1The provisions of this Agreement shall apply without prejudice to laws or regulations governing visits by aliens to the territory of a Contracting Party. 2For a member which subsequently signs or ratifies the Convention without reservation as to ratification, the Convention shall enter into force one month after the date of signature or deposit of the instrument of ratification. . . .

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