Vistex Agreement Request


While agreements can be created and maintained directly, Vistex`s best practice is to create an agreement requirement and then publish the requirement to create or modify the agreement. In the event of a massive change in multiple agreements, the system can be configured to establish a collective agreement requirement for all agreements to be amended. Otherwise, the system will establish a separate agreement requirement for each agreement. In the agreement requirement type configuration, enable the collective order requirement. If you save the mass changes as an agreement requirement, the system displays a dialog box that specifies the type of contract requirement. In the window, select the Collection check box to create a bulk request, or leave the control box blank to create separate individual requirements. The agreement requirement allows for one or more levels of approval as part of an approval process. During an approval process, the department, team or person assigned to each level of the approval process must approve the agreement requirement before the amendments are published in an agreement or before the application is converted into a new agreement. If the agreement requirement is denied during the approval process, the agreement requirement will continue to be stored in the employment contract required by the agreement. When creating a contract request, select the contract requirement type from a list configured in the Requirement Type box in the Create Agreement Requirement dialog box. Agreement requirement types are assigned in the configuration of an agreement type. Enter the default requirement type in the Standard requirement type field.

To view multiple types of requirements in the Requirement Type drop-down list, please list them in the agreement type configuration. When an agreement request is entered to create a new contract, the drop-down menu is limited to the types of agreement requirements assigned to that type of agreement. If the agreement requirement is established to modify an existing agreement, all types of requirements are listed in the system. The requirements of the agreement can be configured so that multiple open requirements are accepted simultaneously or a single requirement per type of agreement, based on the requirements of the organization. For example, an organization may limit the number of requirements per type of agreement that can be opened simultaneously, so that each change request is reviewed before a new requirement can be proposed. A request for an agreement can be initiated either by an internal partner or by an external partner. An external partner should be allowed to access the launch pad. Agreement requests can be used to record and store information such as offers that might not be obtained with Win/Loss codes….

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