Vivint Solar Power Purchase Agreement Review


I made a few phone calls to Vivint to see how some of these problems are sorted, and I have not once received someone on the phone who speaks good English. So not only do I have problems with my system, but I also have a very obvious language barrier with the customer service team. I gave up after my last phone call, when I tried to explain to the representative that my panels did not produce the promised amount of electricity. You had absolutely no idea what I was trying to say. In short, my experience was abysmal. I would avoid this company and all the products they sell. This is not to say that there are no benefits for an AEA. Prices are generally lower than your current electricity bill. Installation costs are low (or non-existent). There are also no maintenance costs, as the owner of the equipment is responsible for the maintenance. Since the cost of producing solar energy is set, you may be able to pay for electricity in advance for several years and save money. A link sent you to this assessment.

The location of this page may change on the next visit. John Masone said the snow that fell on his solar panels slipped and destroyed a metal roof and a wooden ceiling (Photo by Masone). The cost of purchasing a photovoltaic installation may seem high, but once you have tax credits and exemptions, rebates, carve-outs and the ability to sell the surplus electricity that is recovered to your utility, these costs will be greatly offset. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a comment, Richard. We are pleased to hear that you have had a great experience of going with us Solar. Thank you very much! A class action filed in San Francisco federal court in December also accused Vivint of targeting low-income individuals. Two plaintiffs included in a government program that already provides reduced electricity rates to modest customers were persuaded to sign De Vivint power purchase contracts, according to the complaint. The letter said that when a complainant, who was having problems with Vivint`s billing, tried to have the plates removed, the company asked for about $40,000. The other applicant claimed that Vivint had convinced his terminally ill father, who had already received subsidized prices, to sign a 20-year power purchase contract. According to the complaint, he died a year later, and when his daughter tried to terminate the contract, Vivint said it would cost $21,000. “Each year, we interact with more than one million consumers through our live home sales model and are proud of the solar solutions we offer,” the statement said.

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