What Is A Construction Management Agreement


During the pre-construction phase, a site study must be carried out. A location investigation is underway to determine if steps need to be implemented at the site. This is to finish the land before the actual construction begins. This includes any unforeseen conditions such as historical artifacts or environmental problems. A soil study is required to determine if the soil on which it can be built is in good condition. [2] CM agreements generally do not include the CM`s actual design tasks, but focus on formalizing their position and role as project advisors. What must be taken into account before signing a construction management contract is a paid service in which the site manager (CM) is solely responsible to the owner and acts in the interest of the owner at each stage of the project. The site manager advises impartially on topics such as: contractors will sometimes try to introduce financial incentives into a construction management contract to fill this gap. A risk-taking method is the best solution for large projects – both for full construction and for renovation – that are not easy to define, have the ability to change scope or have strict deadlines. In addition, it is an effective method in projects that include technical complexity, multi-trade coordination or several phases.

[12] Construction management contracts give a site manager control over the interaction between the project owner, his architect and his owner. This monitoring is a form of risk control that imposes standards of quality, budget, punctuality and safety. Construction management is very different from traditional lump sum work. As the name suggests, a “site manager” is responsible for “managing” the work for the client – which is a completely different proposition to actually carry them out. Capital Project Management Software (CPMS) refers to systems currently available, which help capital project owners/managers, program managers and site managers manage and manage the vast amount of information that produces capital construction projects.

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