Yk1 Collective Agreement


The Covid 19 pandemic has delayed school board negotiations on their collective agreements with the NWT Teachers Association (NWTTA), but teachers will continue to work. However, in September 2019, Fraser informed the NNSL that, since the negotiation of the last collective agreements in 2016, two key issues had been addressed: violence in the classroom and teacher retention. The GNWT agreement also applies to schools with the Francophone School Board of the Northwest Territories (NWWSC). ” (The) collective agreements (with YCS and Yk 1) would simply continue if negotiations were not concluded. In 38 years at the NWT, it`s not unusual, but they`ve always agreed in one way or another,” he said. The Northwest Territories government`s current agreement with the NWTTA expires on July 31, 2020, but remains in effect until a new agreement is reached. Negotiations on the separate collective agreements YK1 and Yellowknife Catholic Schools will take place in the fall, Oliver said. Both agreements expire on August 31. The current collective agreement also launched the initiative to strengthen the practice of teacher teaching (Stip), which redirected 100 hours of teaching time to teachers` personal planning time.

The GNWT agreement expires on August 30, while the Yk1 and YCS agreements end on August 31 and classes resume on the same day of the new school year. The agreement will cover approximately 450 members working for the South Slave, Dehcho, Beaufort Delta and Sahtu Divisional Education Boards, as well as for the Divisional Francophone School Board and the T-Ch-Community Services Agency. In a September 2019 newsletter distributed to the 800 educators represented by the NWTTA, Oliver said the current collective agreement had not increased teachers in the first two years and had increased by 1% over the past two years. RELATED REPORTING: Education must continue despite the delay in collective bargaining by school boards. The NWT Teachers` Association is still negotiating a collective agreement with the territory`s government. The first round of negotiations for the new agreement is expected to take place from Tuesday to Friday. The NWT Teachers` Association (NWTTA) and the territory government began negotiations on Tuesday for a new collective agreement. RELATED REPORTING: NWT Director of Education agrees on 2019-2020 School closures NWTTA has entered into collective agreements with Yellowknife Catholic Schools (YCS), Yellowknife Education District No.

1 (Yk 1) and with the GNWT which includes Allain St. Cyr School and all other schools outside Yellowknife, said association president Fraser Oliver. NNSL Media asked Yk 1 about the total number of employees it employs, but has not yet received a response. Expenditures are 64.4 per cent for school curricula, 17.39 per cent for inclusive and special education, 10.10 per cent for maintenance, 4.21 per cent for administration, 2.43 per cent for Aboriginal language training and 0.57 per cent for accommodation. RELATED REPORTING: 49 jobs in the field of mental health counselors for job creation in the region`s teacher workload was a key theme in the 2016 negotiations, CBC reported at the time. Other expenses may be required for technology or Internet service for work from home, or personal protective equipment.

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